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It was some time ago that I found myself single and needed to increase my circle of friends and of course I was looking for someone - anyone - for sex, after all I couldn't keep wanking all my life!

So a friend of mine convinced me to go and start Salsa dancing. Not my first good idea but I thought, what the hell, plus he said their were loads of girls there and never enough men!

So I went along for a trial lesson and I had to agree there were a lot of girls, not enough blokes but all the decent girls were dancing with the men who really could dance, people like me, beginners, were not getting very far.... plus there were a few really stunning hot chicks there and it was pretty obvious I would need to be much better to impress them and get in for a dance which might then lead to something else....

I had a look about the next day for someone who could teach me some Salsa on a one to one basis which is the best way to get ahead as quick as possible. That was how I found Jessy.

I saw an advert and gave her a call. We had a quick chat and she said the best thing to do was to go around to her dance studio at her home and have a trial lesson, if I liked it then she would sign me up as a student.

Off I went the following week for my trial lesson. I knocked on the door and this gorgeous beauty opened the door wearing skin tight leggings that showed off her fantastic firm arse and a fairly tight t-shirt that seemed to be having a hard time holding in her very ample and firm D cup tits - being a tit man I'm rather good at sizing this sort of thing up!

She was lovely, friendly and very professional - at this point!

We had a great hour lesson and I immediately signed up for her 10 week course.... I could not wait for the next week and almost ran off to wank myself stupid over the thought of that great body and what it would look like naked and in my bed!

The very next week I had myself all cleaned up and smelling good, after all, its always a good thing I told myself... got over to Jessy's house and knocked on the door. She opened it and my heart almost stopped, she was wearing a pair of really tight trousers and a tight low cut top showing plenty of cleavage, making the very best of her fantastic tits.

We had a brief chat and got straight down to the lesson.... after going over the moves we had made last week she wanted to try to add in some new moves.... this involved getting into a very close embrace and doing a fair amount of grinding! It was not too long before I was getting embarrassed because I could not control my cock as it began to get harder and harder. Soon I knew she would notice it but even after this point she just continued with our dancing as if she didn't know it was there. Slowly my suspicions were as aroused as my hard cock... she was just grinding herself up against me, pressing her tits into my chest....

I couldn't help it and started to push my hips into her and we slowly became moulded into one as we just moved about on the dance floor. She started to moan and I realised she was really getting off on rubbing herslf on me. My hands moved down to her arse and I started to slowly rub my hands over her, she didn't stop me so I just started to massage her arse and play my hands ever more slowly down to her pussy.

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Cum all over the lovely Malika
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readers wives milfs